Weight Loss Tues Week Five

current weight: 64.2 kg! Seriously. After losing all that hair, you would think I would lose at least a few hundred grams. Instead, I gained 200 grams. *grrrr*

Waistline: 34 inches – at least I didn’t gain any

Vices: 3  grande low fat mocha frap,100 grams  of chocolate chip cookies and 2 shots of vodka. But it has been a very very long week so can you blame me? Plus THIS was too cute to pass up.


# of laps: 70 –did I mention that I had a really tough week? Next week isn’t going to get any better. I’m on course, and then I’m off to Sydney for the weekend…

So things I’ve learnt this week: shaving your hair doesn’t guarantee weight loss.

Mon Inspiration

Right. So similar to the brides on the UK show “Don’t tell the Bride”, I don’t have any control over the wedding. We also don’t have 14,000 pounds for a wedding. Luckily, I sorta have control over the wedding dress. Sort of. Meaning, I’m going to be buying a dress over the internet and praying its as pretty as I think its going to be. I was looking through some wedding pictures and trying to figure out what sort of dress I should try to fit into. According to a bodyshape calculator, I’m straight shaped and according to David’s Bridal, I should get an a-lined shaped dress or a sheath dress. And I’ve been looking. Believe me. I’ve been looking. To the point of distraction. I’ve neglected my research work and I’m terribly disappointed with myself. I really really need to focus on work next week.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift (ie Queen Midas of the Music World) wore a headpiece I would love to wear on my wedding day in NY with a purple outfit. It is like, mad cute. Although I’m still looking for a juliet cap veil because my mom wore one on her wedding day.

In terms of dream wedding gown, the dress that Caitlyn Jenner wore to the Espy Awards is my dream wedding gown. Except she has nicer hips. And boobs than me. So I guess that’s not going to work on me either. In fact, having looked at so many dresses this past week, I almost wish I work at a bridal boutique so that I can get an employee’s discount on my dream gown.

Also, in more wedding news, there was a great Modern Love article in the New York Times about love not always being perfect, and that you may love your partner to the moon and back and yet… I hope I remember that.

The Russian Princess is also suggesting that we have a unity ceremony. The Beau and I had originally planned a simple wedding, ie someone marries us and we all head over to a restaurant for lunch. But she’s suggesting things like a unity ceremony and seashell like decor. And I’m afraid that I’ve rejected them all even though she is my matron of honor. I feel terrible and I find myself leaning towards saying yes to the unity ceremony. I wonder if I’m the only person who has found her “simple” wedding snowballing into its own monster. I understand that we all get to throw parties from time to time (although as I’m getting older, throwing a party is becoming more of a rarity) and that the Wedding is like the Party of Your Life. Apparently people judge who you are as a couple based on your wedding. But both the Beau and I are supremely lazy people. And we aren’t the most social. In fact, he was wondering if we would be able to get dinner over and done with ASAP so that we can go home and rest (I can’t bring myself to tell him what a Singapore wedding would be like…I figured I would just spring it on him when its time to renew our vows *hee*). Does anyone have any clue how to do a unity ceremony? The kits online are expensive (but very nicely personalized). I suppose if I was going to keep to a budget I could get it made for a much lower price….but I’m also (ahem) lazy.

Well, its Monday. Time to get to work!

weight loss Tuesday Week Three

Argh. I didn’t really get to swim much this week. The pool was crowded and bit dirty. I also drankl some alcohol, which probably adds on to the calories.

Weight: 64.7kg (yay!)
Waistline: 34 inches (86.3cm)
vices: 1 (generous) shot of vodka, 2 grande mocha frappe with low fat milk, and 100gm famous amos cookies
# of laps: 70

Been looking at wedding dresses. Finally understand why people are so obsessed with "The Dress". Nope, didn’t get a bridal moment though. Instead, I felt like a fat cow :(

Aqua Marine at Marina Mandarin

a few weeks ago, it was our mid year treat by the company. As usual we opted for a buffet dinner. One of my colleagues was given the arduous task of finding a location that could accommodate 18 of us. As one of our colleagues was going to be fasting for the Ramadan, it had to be held before Ramadan started. There aren’t too many buffet restaurants that are also Halal. He finally settled on Aqua Marine.

The hotel that it is in is a really nice posh hotel. We got there before official opening time of 6.30 and had to sit there with growling stomachs while the staff got ready.

Thankfully they seated us as soon as the clock struck 6.30pm. I headed straight for the dessert.  

I didn’t want to end up being too full and be unable to enjoy dessert at the end. After satisfying my sweet tooth, I thought I would go for something light and tried the sashimi and sushi.  

 There were also some stations serving local food but I was very full after the sashimi binge. I briefly considered going for extra helpings especially since they are also famous for their roast duck which was delicious. Thankfully, everyone else around me had much better self control and I felt I had to follow their good example even though I was wearing a maternity dress so that I could indulge.

I’m only glad I didn’t have to foot the bill at the end of the nights! 

Weight loss Tuesday Week Two

current weight: 65kg! Slowly but surely!!

Waist diameter: 86.6 cm *grrrrr* I guess you win some and you lose some?

# of laps: 76 …in my defense there were children who kept cutting into my lane because they were playing in the pool and didn’t let me swim!

Vices: only 1 tall mocha frappe this week! But I also finished a 100g of chocolate chip pecan nut cookies….oh. And an apple martini.

So I lost a teensy bit of weight….and I did cut down a tiny bit on the sugar intake. Baby steps! Let’s hope I’ll do better next week!

Mon highlights

Well, here’s a very belated Independence Day to my friends in the US! I trust there were the usual fireworks and soul stirring music. With BBQ of course! The 4th of July, to me, is the start of the summer even though I know that to many, Labor Day is the actual beginning of beautiful warm days. For many medical residents, the 4th of July is also the first of many holidays that they will be giving up for the duration of their training, and possibly the rest of their lives, as they face the reality of their chosen profession. All I can say is “Good Luck”. There will be good days. There will be bad days. And there will be days when you want to give up. And some will actually give up. But there will also be days when you feel that its worth all the sweat and the tears. Remember those days. Cherish them. Its why you went to medical school.

Also Congrats Singapore on your early birthday present! We have our first UNESCO World Heritage site! What a great achievement!


So this past weekend is one of the more relaxing days I’ve had in a while. I finished work early on Saturday (thank you morning thunderstorm!), went to the airport to get my nephew his favorite green and brown cake (ie Pandan Cake!), went home for a late lunch and went to a movie with akiko, followed by drinks and dinner. And on Sunday, I woke up late, walked to MP, got my nephew a dinosaur balloon, met up with akiko again for lunch, followed by lazing around (masquerading as work) and then we swam 20 (!!) laps and then dinner! I haven’t had such a relaxing weekend in ages and it felt really really good. I certainly hope that the relaxing weekend will translate into a relaxing week. But I really really need to garner some energy and get some real work done at some point.

Also, I found this video on the Interwebs. Its so cute I simply have to share!

And if you think that there’s ever an age when you are too old to play, well think again! St. Louis favorite museum was built for adults to play! When I lived there 5 years ago, it was my favorite museum. It was also the last time I hung out with LJ. And also, possibly the last time we actually had any fun together. I think that trip was what made me decide that it was time to move on from him. So you see, the City Museum actually has rather bittersweet memories for me. So if you find yourself in the Mid-West, take a drive to St. Louis and spend a day there. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Also, in case you think that you have to be an adult to be a hero. Think again. This little girl just showed that you don’t have to be a big person to stand up to hate.

Well, that’s it from me this lovely Monday. I hope the people of Greece start to hear some good news. Soon.

J-story @ East Point Mall

 Having noticed a lot of people eating lunch there in  the past, we thought we should give it a try. We tried the signature abalone porridge, a seafood pancake and the seafood fried rice. Unfortunately the porridge was disappointing, there was a mild bitter taste to it. The pancake was so-so. And the fried rice was a bit too sticky. I’m afraid I won’t be recommending this store to anyone. Perhaps I’m the exception?

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